Barry J. Stiefel ("Stee-ful" or "Shtee-ful")

This is the web site for Barry Stiefel of San Francisco, California, frequently misspelled as Barry "Steifel".

Barry J. Stiefel

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California's 58 Counties in 58 Hours
50 States In A Week's Vacation
21 States In One Day

(2012-03-16:  This section is a work in progress)
2009-08-25:  Greetings From the North Atlantic
2009-09-03:  Greetings From the Isle of Skye
2009-09-25:  Greetings from Switzerland, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Riga, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
2009-10-01:  Greetings from the Israeli-Occupied Territories, Istanbul and Shanghai


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